LEAN and wood

LEAN and wood

Why this post?

Because too often when I am in contact with the industry businesses (sawmill, planing mill, carpentry, furniture), I hear the following arguments : “It is not for us. We are a small structure. We do not have the same problems as others. The wood is the wood …

LEAN, a philosophy of management without waste, can be deployed by all. In the wood industry, there are factories with inventory components oversized, operators who continually move to pick components, operators awaiting machining programs on their machine, remanufactured parts because scrap. And all this waste, by deploying a LEAN policy can be eradicated. A waste of families, it is the MUDA. They are 7.

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  • Over-production
  • Waiting
  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Over-processing
  • Motion
  • Defects


Spend one hour to walk in workshops and offices. I am confident that you will report into several.

By implementing a LEAN organization, you also put in place a policy of continuous improvement. You decrease your delivery time, you will improve your profitability, without forgetting to improve the working conditions of your employees.

FGC Consultants can help you in the deployment of such an approach. But we also decided to set up on our website, a chapter dedicated to LEAN with specific points in the wood industry. We will try to provide you with tips and tools.

The first folder is devoted to precisely MUDA with a list of examples with reference to wood industries. In the following folders, we speak of other waste, methods to remove them, and always in relation to the sector. We will also discuss planning, volume, LEAD time.

We also present our game “LEAN – WOOD – FURNITURE”.

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