Furniture packaging is a very important step in your process. It will convey your brand image to buyers, but also in depots and stores.

This packaging must protect your products at all stages of the Supply Chain: delivery from your factory to distributors, but also from distributors to individuals. Your packaging must be both qualitative and environmentally friendly. But it must also be linked to an economically efficient process.

With our experience, we can assist you in setting up or redesigning this process.

Depending on your product typology and your production policy (Assembled furniture – Kit furniture / Batch production – Production to order), we will work with you to define your needs in terms of packaging line.


Type of organization for packaging line


  • Components supplied parcel by parcel (manufacture to order)
  • Components supplied in batches along the packaging line (batch work)
  • Mixed per batch and on order
  • Ergonomic workstation organization
  • Definition of control and traceability points
  • Balancing of stations according to Takt Time


Define the type of packaging


  • Cardboard – Shrink film
  • Cardboard box type
  • Type of closure (glue or adhesive)
  • Type of packing (cardboard – polystyrene – wood chipboard)
  • Method of supplying cartons (by batch, manufacturing to order)


Our expertise


We will work with you on your entire product range to:

  • Define package sizes
  • Define the number of components per package (respecting the maximum authorized weights per package)
  • Define the type of packaging and the closing process
  • Define the number of positions required
  • Define the layout
  • Define the component supply organization
  • Define the management methods for this activity (working documents – traceability – labeling -…)


Work in batches (minimum of 100 packages). FEFCO410 cardboard


For this type of organization, we will favor:

  • Rationalization of packaging
  • Organizing the distribution of components along the line
  • Balancing of stations according to: daily volume and number of components per package
  • The rating of the carton closing machine


Work to order. Cardboard box packaging carried out in just in time


For this type of organization, we will favor:

  • The organization of the machining phase and the buffer to supply the components “on order”
  • Synchronization between production of boxes and distribution of components
  • Component traceability
  • Labeling of components when ordering, with a personalized label per order