You have decided to launch the deployment of Lean in your business. So you know, one of the bases of your deployment, this will be the standard work as schematically TPS home.

And soon, you will find some negative arguments:

      • Standard, it puts everyone in the same straitjacket. This is an obstacle to creativity.
      • I do my job, I trained myself. I did not need to be shown me documents.
      • The standard is the paperwork. It’s a waste of time.



51254120 - traffic stoplight isolated on the white background. 3d traffic lights.

In the crossroads, there are traffic lights. We go at the green and we stop at the red. Et si chacun faisait comme il veut. This is not the case, as we follow a standard.


37218291 - swimmer theme elements

When you go to the pool, you put your bathing suit and then you go in the water. You do not do the reverse. Ici aussi, nous respectons un standard.



The surgeon, airline pilot meet standards: would you have an operation, or will you take the plane if it n ‘was not the case??

So we have to argue that can bring the standard.

The standard is the formalization of best practices at any given time.

This allows you:

  • To have consistency in results
  • To launch continuous improvements from a reference in terms of, quantity, quality and time
  • Capitalize the expertise
  • Train new employees
  • Team work to validate best practices


So you have to explain all these arguments to remove this fear of loss of creativity and loss of freedom.

The standard will enable all to avoid forgetting to transmit its knowledge and help us improve.




So go ahead! Set up standard.