In the wood business, supply chain management (Supply Chain) is essential. Whether in furniture, carpentry or construction, the sequence of processes and associated information is very important.

Compared to other industries (automotive, electronics, …), the design and construction of products is much simpler. However, because of the variety and multiplicity of options, the information system is more complicated and requires business software packages.

If you buy a car, you can not request a specific size, or you can not choose between open doors or sliding doors. In the furniture or woodwork, you have all these choices.

The problem for these industries is to have a flexible production tool, but above all an information system to monitor the activity of design to installation, through the sale, supply, manufacturing and delivery. Therefore, only one of business software packages and then specific modules (eg 3D Configurator) ensure that supply chain.

The diagram below summarizes the various information used in the case of the furniture.