Takt Time

The Takt Time is the rate of production that can meet customer demand on time.

Compared to our working time, all how long do we produce a part to meet customer demand.

Calculation methods


  • A workshop work 400 minutes a day, 220 days a year.
  • The average volume to achieve is 150000 units a year.
  • Takt = (400 x 220)/150000 = 0.58 mn so 35 s


  • A sales service process 60000 orders per year.
  • The service consists of 5 people who work 7 hours a day, 216 days a year.
  • Takt = (35 x 60 x 216 x 5)/60000 = 37.8 mn


Takt interests

  • Size the resources
    • Allows you to size the material and labor resources
  • Identify bottleneck
    • The bottleneck are quickly identify by comparing the capacity with the Takt Time
  • Eliminate the risk of overproduction
    • A steady pace can allocate resources and capacity planning.


Points to be monitored

  • Consistency units
  • Opening time: integrate break, OEE …
  • Seasonality: Takt Time calculate different depending on seasonality