Our partners

Teowin, FGC


Teowin, from the company Simsa (Barcelona, Spain) is a software for the furniture industry that supports the entire product cycle, from design through manufacturing, management of production resources, material requirement planning, production costs, inventory management, material optimization, machine connections, manufacturing reports. Teowin offers an interface for the point of sale, with a catalog directly connected to the technical catalog of the factory which allows the calculation of the estimate, and the realization of 3D presentations, etc.

Teowin ensures compatibility with all machine brands on the market and for the various work centers (cutting, CNC, Nesting, etc.). Teowin allows the configuration of all types of furniture, whether standard, special or customized. Teowin also offers a Web extension and a set of solutions for retailers or end-consumers: Teoweb. The software adapts for each company and offers a range of additional modules to cover all the needs.

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AZLAC, the French specialist of production monitoring

The company AZLAC is based in Annecy in France near Geneva. Created in 1989, its activity is primarily specializes in the automation, and quickly migrate to machines monitoring. Master of its products, AZLAC designs and manufactures its own acquisition boxes worn tirelessly towards an innovation that made her the most successful.

Its missions are to assist you in implementing your projects, follow your production, save the machine data, view your real-time information, check your overall equipment effectiveness, and increase your profitability.

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