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FGC has developed and distributes industrial activity monitoring software.

Monitoring activity

Industrial Monitoring - activos

Optimizing your production tool : You want to increase your efficiency by controlling precisely your production data : actual pace maker, classification breakdowns, level of waste, use of labor resources, … Our ACTIVOS software gives you a complete solution for monitoring. It allows you to track all of your time and at all sites of your company.

Real time monitoring

Real time tracking
The activity can be monitored in real time. This monitoring can be done:
  • On workshops plans or synoptic representing production
  • On a summary table
These different views allow you to monitor the activity of a machine, an operator or a production order. Different user-selectable data are available :
  • OEE of a machine, the machine condition (operation, failure, adjustment, …), operator workplace, the number of operators on a machine, the number of parts produced on a machine, arrival and departure times of an operator, the percentage of completion of the daily output …


Activos indicators

You can at all times to edit configurable dashboards for:

  • Machines
  • Operators
  • Production orders

You also have the ability to retrieve all the data in order to achieve your own dashboards EXCEL

Acquisition terminals

ACTIVOS : terminals

We have several types of terminals that allow you to save :

  • Assignments operators
  • Assignments production orders
  • Machine operation
  • The causes of stops
  • Production quantity

All these records can be done automatically or by typing. The main features are :

  • Touchscreen color graphic display
  • Barcode scanner
  • RFID reader
  • Double Ethernet interface
  • Wireless communication
  • Digital input
  • PLC interface

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