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Load and Capacity

It is often said: This order was recorded on a too short delivery time, there are too many orders booked this week, have we still some capacity next week, … First, we must establish a management for the planning.

To have a good service level, we must have a good match between the load and capacity. The first task is to locate the bottleneck position in the company and then manage the calendar on it.

We offer a small utility to do this very easily. It will allow you to manage, on a bottleneck:

  • A weekly calendar on one year
  • Checking the minimum delivery time
  • Checking the maximum capacity per week
  • The evolution on a chart

You can download this utility in light version (up to 10 orders per week).

[purchase_link id=”15201″ style=”” color=”” text=”Management Load Capacity – Light”]


or full version

[purchase_link id=”15206″ style=”” color=”” text=”Management Load Capacity”]