FGC Consulting, diagnosis and advice in industrial organization

FGC Consulting supports you in the diagnostic phase and advises you in your industrial organization.

Diagnosis of your company

Diagnostic organisation industrielle - FG Consulting

The diagnosis is the prerequisite for any proposed improvement actions within your company. We offer two types of diagnosis.

Flash diagnosis 

We offer a preliminary diagnosis on one day so that you can better know us and understand our methodology. From our side, this day allows us to identify the main characteristics of your business and thus to be able to target areas for improvement. We give you a report with all the tracks of improvements that we could pursue together.

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The diagnosis allows us to analyse the company through interviews with a panel of actors. This allows us to identify processes and specifics of the company. We highlight your strength and weaknesses. Following this diagnosis, we present in meeting with all stakeholders a detailed summary report on the actions of possible improvements, that we believe useful to conduct together.

Advise in industrial organization

Our mission, to assist you in all areas of industrial organization

Wether for continuous improvement or for the establishment of an information system, FGC Consulting assists you in all areas of industrial organization.

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Conseil en organisation industrielle - FG Consulting
Workflow and workshop location
We help you define and implement the workflows and workshop locations that best meet your needs and your constraints. We train you to use optimization tools.
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We assist you in implementing a Lean approach within your company. Why we train and support your team throughout the deployment to empower them.
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Definition and implementation of an ERP
After defining the characteristics and needs of the business, achieving the specifications, selection and implementation of ERP.
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After identifying needs and contraints of the project, definition, selection and implementation of investment.
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